Product Development

Our sustainability team brings together representatives from across GLOBALEYES to bring focus on developing and implementing processes to reduce our environmental impact and deliver better solutions to our customers and suppliers.

We actively source from factories that use sustainable processes in the manufacturing of our goods, and we monitor and encourage them for continual improvements. This includes using manufacturing processes that have minimal impact on the local environment and their people. There can be a lot of individual processes used to manufacture an item, and we look into the process as a whole.

Our main sustainability objective is to reduce our environmental impact globally and deliver better solutions to our customers by incorporating green practices and standards into our sourcing.

We strive to source products made of eco-friendly materials from efficient and ethical factories that exceed our customers’ requests. This includes reducing the use of non-biodegradable materials such as polystyrene, staples, and shrink wrap. GLOBALEYES is also involved in eliminating toxins through sourcing BPA-free plastics and we are becoming worldwide leaders in detox programs for garments and textiles factories.

Supply Chain

Our Global World

Advice and best practice from our own team


Our dedicated team has over 25 years experience in moving product around the world in the most sustainable and cost effective way. We can help with all supply chain issues from end to end.